Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

Accredited CPD courses

Developing Together Teaching Partnership wants Social Workers to enjoy their jobs, feel supported and have opportunities to progress and specialise in their chosen area of practice. We are committed to developing your social work skills and experience, through embracing a culture of continuous learning.

Our CPD programme aims to:

  • Provide development opportunities at different stages during your Social Worker career;
  • Offer a range of accredited options to strengthen professional practice skills, practice learning capabilities and support research informed practice;
  • Offer accredited training for new or aspiring social work managers;
  • Support practitioners to meet proposed government plans for assessment and accreditation.

Our HEI partner Kingston University delivers a programme of credit bearing modules that can be taken standalone, to support flexible and modular professional development, or combined to earn a post-graduate certificate (PgCert) (60 credits), post-graduate diploma (PgDip) (120 credits), or a masters (MA) (180 credits). The key modules offered are:

For those interested in combining modules to earn an MA qualification (or combining fewer modules to earn a PgCert or PgDip), there are 2 pathways available: either the Advanced Social Work pathway, or the Professional Education and Training pathway. The modules can be taken flexibly over the course of your career to build up to these qualifications.

Pathway 1: Advanced Social Work MA – any combination of the modules below totalling 120 credits plus a Final ‘Capstone’ Project of 60 credits = 180 credits

You can also earn a PgCert or a PgDip in Advanced Social Work by combining fewer modules:

    • Professional Development in Social Work PgCert (60 credits e.g. x2 30 credit modules)
    • Professional Development in Social Work PgDip (120 credits e.g. x4 30 credit modules)

Pathway 2: Professional Education and Training MA – any combination of the modules below totalling 120 credits plus a Final ‘Capstone’ Project of 60 credits = 180 credits

You can also earn a PgCert or a PgDip in Professional Education and Training by combining fewer modules:

    • Professional Education and Training PgCert (60 credits e.g. x2 30 credit modules)
    • Professional Education and Training PgDip (120 credits e.g. x4 30 credit modules)

To learn more about the modules Kingston University deliver click here.

Student testimonial:

“I wanted to personally thank you and all the teaching staff that I have come across so far, for the immense support offered to me throughout the duration of the Practice Educators level 2 course.

The tutorials have been informative and engaging, written feedback to any work submitted by myself, have received prompt feedback from you, in addition to the course documentation on the student Canvas being up to date and fairly easy to navigate-which has been really helpful.

Although I had been fairly nervous about returning to adult study, and combining this with my paid employment, I feel that the support that you and your department have given to me, have made the whole process seem far more do-able than I initially thought that it could be.

Whilst I am already a social work manager, this course has really enabled me to be more reflective in my own practice, therefore I would really recommend this course to any social work professional wishing to enhance their knowledge and practice whilst getting into the line-management/ supervision of less experienced staff.

Thank you once again”

Assistant Team Manager at London Borough of Croydon who recently completed PEPS 2 at Kingston University

Coaching and Mentoring Qualification

The Teaching Partnership is currently supporting 20 practitioners to complete the Mentoring, Coaching and Advanced Assessment of Professional Practice module, worth 30 credits, in order to develop a pool of coaches across the partnership.

This module aims to equip students to mentor and coach fellow professionals at post-registration levels. It promotes critical evaluation of theoretical, professional and policy approaches to mentoring and coaching in professional practice in social work and social care. The knowledge, understanding, values and skills necessary for mentoring and coaching professional practice in social work/care and related settings are examined.

Students are assisted to develop strategies and techniques to enhance their skills in coaching and mentoring professional colleagues working in different practice settings. Students are required to mentor or coach a colleague as part of the practicum for this module

Future Plans

Academics, Senior Managers and Learning and Development leads across the partnership  are working closely within the Teaching Partnership to develop further learning opportunities for you for the academic year 2019/2020. Please keep checking the website and follow us on Twitter for updates:




For any queries about the Teaching Partnership CPD programme please contact your local workforce development team.