Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

The Teaching Partnership Team

The Teaching Partnership Team comprises a Teaching Partnership Manager, Charli Robson; CPD & Events Consultant/Step up to Social Work Programme Manager, Fernanda Huerta; Lead Partnership Practice Consultant, Sharon Evans and Partnership Practice Consultant, Ulrike Nebel.

Our overarching responsibility is to develop the quality of pre-qualifying and post-qualifying social work education through a series of initiatives involving students, academics, practice educators, onsite supervisors, those with lived experience, workforce development, newly qualified social workers, ASYE assessors, managers and many more key stakeholders.

Whilst the government funding has enabled us to have a dedicated Teaching Partnership central team, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve our identified outcomes in isolation and the team works closely with representatives from a range of stakeholder groups across all the Partnership agencies.

Prior to April 2020, our Practice Consultant role was known as a Practice Education Development Worker. The key aim of this role was to improve the quality and quantity of Practice Education in the region. Whilst the role is still responsible for doing a considerable amount of work in the field of Practice Education, including being Practice Educator for a number of Kingston University students each year, the role has evolved and as such the role title has been changed to reflect this.

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