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PCF Toolkit

The Professional Capabilities Framework is the profession-owned, overarching framework of social work education and professional development in England. There are nine domains within the framework and social work students and qualified social workers are required to evidence their capability against each of these.

This is a straightforward toolkit for Practice Educators to use with their students. The tools can be used to assess and facilitate a student’s learning and enable them to evidence how they are demonstrating their knowledge, skills and values across the domains.

The toolkit is a mixture of worksheets, exercises and discussion tools that you as a Practice Educator can utilise with your student on placement. The tools have been categorised by domain, just click on the domain you want to explore with your student below.

  1. Professionalism
  2. Values and Ethics
  3. Diversity and Equality
  4. Rights, Justice and Economic Wellbeing
  5. Knowledge
  6. Critical Reflection and Analysis
  7. Skills and Interventions
  8. Contexts and Organisations
  9. Professional Leadership