Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

Teaching Partnership Equality Statement

The Teaching Partnership previously released a Statement of Solidarity following the murder of George Floyd, to both condemn the inequality and institutional racism that led to the event and pledged to tackle inequality and work to address disadvantage and prejudice in all its forms across the partnership.

We recognise that this work must remain on the agenda and be ongoing in its nature. This statement is not a substitute for action, but aims to underlie the principles that our Partnership subscribes to. Each partner organisation will also have their own individual statements or action plans according to their needs.

“Social work practice aims to address the barriers, inequities and injustices that exist in society…Social workers have a responsibility to challenge oppression on any basis…Social workers should demonstrate a clear commitment to anti-oppressive practice such as pro-active anti-racism and promoting the rights of all people experiencing discrimination, structural inequality and marginalisation.” (BASW Code of Ethics, 2021)

We pledge, individually and collectively, to continue to proactively take action and embed anti-discrimination and anti-oppressive approaches across all of the work that we do.

This pledge is co-signed by the following partner organisations:

  • Achieving for Children
  • Merton Children