Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

Evaluation Report: OnSite Supervisor Programme

Our Practice Education Team’s (PET) hard work doesn’t stop with workshops, support groups and toolkits! They have also been hard at working piloting an OnSite Supervisor Training Programme (OSS) with both qualified social worker and non-qualified programmes available.

Evaluating the feedback gathered, particularly from the social work programme, it is apparent that there was a strong need and appetite for a programme of development for those supporting students’ practice learning in the role of OSS. There are early indicators that the programmes will contribute towards the expansion of practice learning opportunities in the region and feedback suggests that the quality of support provided to students will be enhanced.

Furthermore, according to the refreshed PEPS (2019, p.17): “Onsite supervisors should be working within the values and good practice guidance of the PEPS and be adequately supported and prepared for their role…Wherever possible, onsite supervisors should have minimum training and recent experience of supporting student social workers in the team”. Therefore, a key focus for the Teaching Partnership is to continue development and rollout of the OSS programmes, contributing to meeting these refreshed standards. You can read the full report on the OSS pilot by Dale van Graan, who led on the development of the programmes, here.