Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

How will the Social Work Teaching Partnership do this?

To deliver this programme the Teaching Partnership will do the following:

Attract, develop and retain the best and brightest social workers in the country

Attract capable and passionate  social work students to the Bachelor and Masters programmes at Kingston University. The Partnership want to retain these social workers so they progress their careers in South West London and Surrey.

  • Select capable and passionate students to train on the BA/Master Social work course.
  • Deliver high quality training and development using of curriculum based on academic research and in-the-field experience.
  • Provide a collaborative delivery of training and other learning opportunities through the use the teaching consultants and academic staff in the university.
  • Provide two statutory placements matched to students  preferred area of practice.


Academics in practice

Deliver the curriculum that is grounded in research and  practice and aligns with the workforce needs in the Partnership region. Ensure practice across the region is consistently informed by theory and research and that academics’ teaching is equally informed by practice.


  • Recruit current practitioners to become Teaching Consultants.
  • Develop Teaching Consultants by providing support and  opportunities.
  • Empower Teaching Consultants to use their in-the field-knowledge to  contribute to, and co deliver a dynamic and enriching curriculum of learning for students.
  • Provide opportunities for academic university staff and Teaching Consultants to engage in activities to ensure academics’ teaching is informed by practice and Teaching Consultants’ teaching is informed by academic research.


Help future workforce demands


  • Create regional progression pathways and CPD Opportunities across the partnership
  • Undertake skills gap analysis to support development of the workforce
  • Commission specialist consultants  to develop a labour market plan to better understand the regional labour market to enable them to develop a robust plan to meet the partnership’s current and future workforce demands.