Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

Merton ASC Conference

We were delighted to have been invited to set up our stall and attend Merton ASC Conference on 17 June, where the focus was on strengths based practice. There were a variety of guest speakers through the morning, including Lyn Romeo, Laura Cresser, Tricia Pereira and Cathy and Dennis from Wimbledon Guild, who movingly reflected on the impact this service has made in their lives.

Three interesting workshops filled the afternoon, one of which was facilitated by Aga Buckley, Senior Lecturer at Kingston University, who had this to say:

TP wearing ‘rose tinted glasses’ in helping social workers to look through strength based lens @ Merton’s Adult Social Care Conference

Great day with practitioners from Merton Adult Social Care and their senior leaders. We were delighted to take part in this inspiring day, alongside Lyn Romeo, Laura Cresser and Tricia Pereira. It was a joy to work with very engaged workforce and to assist them in exploring strength based approach in their practice.

And feedback from Claire Migale, PSW, and John Morgan, ADASC, was very positive, too, despite some technological challenges on the day:

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to participate in our Merton’s Adult Social Care conference. Aga your presentation and workshop was both informative and very enjoyable. Having a presence from the teaching partnership was very helpful. The feedback from staff has been extremely positive and your contribution made the event most successful. I cannot thank you enough for the time you gave us and also for the fantastic presentation !!

Thank you for having us, Merton ASC, we look forward to more collaborative events.