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Recommended Articles and Resources

Our Practice Consultant, Ulrike Nebel shares the following resources:

The Guide to Allyship

The Guide to Allyship is an open-source resource designed to help individuals become effective allies. It provides an overview of allyship principles, the importance of allies, and practical dos and don’ts. The guide covers how to handle mistakes, the attributes of a good apology, and emphasizes the necessity of self-education. It encourages allies to take responsibility, listen to marginalized voices, and continuously work on self-awareness and growth. Contributions to the guide are welcomed.

For more details, visit The Guide to Allyship.

Open Democracy – An article on White Privilege

Lori Lakin Hutcherson’s article “My White Friend Asked Me to Explain White Privilege, So I Decided to Be Honest” recounts personal experiences of racism to illustrate white privilege. She shares incidents from her life to demonstrate how systemic racism affects Black individuals, highlighting the daily challenges they face that are invisible to those with white privilege.
Read it here.