Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

Research about the multi-agency response to neglect by NSPCC

“Are you interested in taking part in NSPCC research about the multi-agency response to neglect?

The NSPCC is recruiting professionals who work in children’s social care, the police, education and health to take part in research about the multi-agency response to neglect. We’re interested to speak to a range of frontline professionals within agencies with safeguarding responsibilities about identifying and responding to neglect.

Neglect is the most frequent form of maltreatment listed on child protection plans, however many serious case reviews about neglect reference interventions being left until the neglect has become worse or chronic.

Aim of the Project

Drawing on insights from the police, education, health and children’s social care, we want to better understand how confident professionals feel in identifying neglect and in the service response once neglect has been identified.

Our aims are:

1.           To assess the different levels of confidence across professionals within the partnership to identify neglect, and their confidence in the service response to neglect once it’s been identified

2.           To understand the barriers and enablers different agencies face in better tackling neglect, especially around joined up working

What are the research questions & methods?

We are planning to conduct a small number of semi-structured focus groups with multi-agency professionals to assess the levels of confidence in the current multi-agency response to neglect, and the areas professionals themselves see as the main barriers or enablers to better preventing and tackling neglect, especially in the context of rising poverty.

The interviews will last 1 hour and take place on Microsoft Teams, split roughly into the following sections:

•            Prioritisation, approach, and culture of neglect

•            Current practice

•            Multi-agency working

•            Practice Improvement

What is the intended use of this research?

We want to develop a clearer picture of the state of neglect across England, especially in the context of rising poverty rates, which we know can be a particular risk factor.

Alongside national polling and other research, insights from these focus groups may be feature in a neglect ‘state of the nation’ type policy report, and used to identify next steps for further more in depth research with individual agencies.

We might use quotes from what you and others tell us – but these will not have names attached to them and your agency/location can be anonymous if this is a preference.

If you would like to take part in this research, please contact We are currently looking for participants for a scheduled focus group on 26th June 11-12pm, however if you are interested in taking part and cannot make that date please still do get in touch and we can look to find another date where you could be available.