Developing Together Social Work  Teaching Partnership

We are recruiting more Teaching Consultants!

We are looking for experienced registered social workers to work alongside Kingston University module leaders. Together they will co-develop, co-deliver and contribute to teaching within the social work programmes at Kingston University. There are a variety of opportunities to share your skills and knowledge such as lectures, seminars and small groups, skills workshops as well as involvement in recruitment to courses and the development of students’ employability.

Successful candidates will join our group of existing Teaching Consultants and have an appropriate number of contracted hours protected by their employer in order to participate in student admissions, produce teaching materials, take part in direct teaching, contribute to research within a specialist field and further embed research in practice.

The estimated time commitment to the role is 12 days per annum, based on the commitment of our Teaching Consultants, most of whom have been in post since late 2018/early 2019.

You must have your manager’s support to apply for these roles and work for one of the agencies in this Social Work Teaching Partnership.

For full eligibility criteria, and the areas of practice/specialisms that we are particularly interested in, please see the job profile:

You can get an insight into what it’s like to be a Teaching Consultant by reading blogs from some of our existing group here and here.